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Independent Networking Associations

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Independent Networking Associations, Inc. is a privately owned and operated consulting firm that offers diversified services to school districts, businesses, agencies, organizations, families and individuals. Through our customized programs I.N.A. train and prepares people to become more productive by uncovering their true potential.

The I.N.A.
Provides hands on resources, experiences and information to assist participants in making wise decisions regarding their personal well being and that of those they serve and are connected to at home, at work and the in their communities by honoring themselves and one another.
"Our Networking Team" of consultants provides a broad array of service in such areas as mental health, child welfare, educational, industrial and managerial capacities. The “Associates” are committed to assisting our clientele in “MAKING CONNECTIONS THAT COUNT”

Founded in 1986, their mission is to provide consultative, training, and resource support to our clientele to ensure their ability to accomplish tasks, to perform, and deliver quality services with excellence.